Water Treatment Exhibition in New Delhi, India 2025

Membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment; sewage purification technology, water treatment chemicals, filter materials and supporting equipment

Water saving and wastewater reuse application technology and equipment; water quality, water resources detection, analysis, monitoring instruments and equipment, water meters

Household pure water machines, commercial pure water machines, water production technology and equipment, pure water, distilled water, mineral water and other manufacturing technologies and products

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Conference and Exhibition for Emissions Monitoring in India- New Delhi, India

Pollution monitoring regulations and practices
Manual stack monitoring, technological innovations and experiences
Guidelines for continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitoring
Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Particulate
Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Combustion gases including NOx, SO2, CO and CO2
Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Trace species for metals, mercury and dioxins
Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Water and effluent quality parameters
Quality assurance regulations and practices for continuous emission and effluent quality monitoring system
Calibration and operation and maintenance of continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitors
Real-time data collection, handling, interpretation and utilisation
Industry case studies on pollution monitoring

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IndiaWaterExpo2019 – Mumbai, India

Water treatment plants including RO, reuse & recycling, softening, filtration, uv & disinfection, desalination, ozonation, chlorination, biological treatment, sludge disposal etc.
Water storage, transportation & distribution including tanks, pumps, motors, pipes & tubes, fittings & valves, pressure boosting, rainwater harvesting etc.
Equipment & components including membranes, housing, filter cartridges, pressure vessels, chemicals, filter media, filter presses, blowers, boilers, cooling towers, domestic water purifiers, accessories & spares etc.
Instrumentation & control including meters, sensors, indicators, test equipment, flow controllers, detectors & locators etc.
Water bodies & associations
Trade publications

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5th Water India 2018 Expo

Analytical instruments
Arsenic, Fluoride and Iron removal systems
Bathroom cleaners fittings
*Biogas plants
Biological treatment
Boiler plant, components and systems
Bottling plant manufacturers
Catchment management
Chillers and cooling systems
Climate and flood control
Consumer products (Water filters, etc.)
Dams and hydropower generators
Desalination and distillation
Detectors and locators
Disposal and recycling
Drinking water equipment
Effluent treatment plants
Environmental control and protection
EPC / Plant contractors
Filtration equipment
Fittings, valves and hoses
Flow controllers
Industrial water solutions
Infrastructure equipment
Instrumentation and process control
Irrigation equipment
IT companies into water
Odour eliminators
Packaged drinking water
Pipes, fittings and tubes
Portable toilets
Project developers
Project finance companies
Pumps and motors
Rain water harvesting
Recycling equipment / plants
Reverse osmosis treatment
Sanitizers and disinfectants
Sewage and sludge treatment
Sewer construction
Solid waste treatment and equipment
Storage tanks
Swimming pools
Test and measurement
Transportation / distribution and collection systems
Treatment and disposal of waste
UV and disinfection
Waste collection and transportation vehicles
Waste management
Waste sterilizers
Waste to energy equipment
Waste treatment and equipment
Wastewater management
Water and wastewater treatment plants
Water bottle, equipment and packaging machinery
Water distribution
Water drilling and boring equipment
Water harvesting
Water management systems
Water pollution monitoring
Water purification and treatment
Water quality indicators
Water saving devices
Water supply and services
Water testing equipment / kits / labs
Water utilities
Zero liquid discharge systems, etc.

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