In 2018, the development trend analysis of water purifier market in China

In recent years, the development of Chinese water purifier equipment is getting better and better. We can see the changes on Aquatech show which is held in Shanghai annually. No matter the innovation and breakthrough in manufacturing technology, the research and development of new materials, or the appearance design of the water purifiers, they all place themselves above America and Europe. Besides, European and American manufacturers also joined this big market. They took over some local manufacturers, and even invested, designed, manufactured and marketed in China with one hundred percent. These also brought a lot of effects on China.

▲For the past few years, the 5 main development trends of Chinese water purifier industry are as the following:

First, the trend of smart water purifier.

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers start to develop smart products. They not only make consumers enjoying more convenient use of experience by the Internet of things (IoT), but also let vendors know the consumers’ habits. Therefore they can provide more service for them in the future. The smart water purifier can provide these service:

1. When water quality is unqualified, it will remind you to change the cartridges.

2. The water purifier would not work when using unauthorized cartridges.

3. The automatic detection of water leak, and suspended water supply by itself.

4. Remind you that there is no water in system.

After water purifier has become intelligent, it could monitor, upload, dispose, and warn through the Internet. Manufacturers can even rent water purifiers to consumers by means of the Internet, and then customers pay the bill by cell phones. How much the water you used, how much the money you needed to pay. Will this change weed out traditional water purifiers? Maybe we should observe for a while.

Second, the development trend of manifold type RO water dispenser.

In China, because the workers’ salary is constantly rising, the manufacturing cost has increased a lot. In order to save the assembly cost of water purifiers and RO system, more and more manufacturers start to develop manifold type of system. The concept is like a car’s engine. RO water system waterway and related parts are all installed in one mold. The benefits of this design are saving the assembly cost and many connectors. It is not only saving the cost but also reducing the opportunity of water leak. These technologies originated from two water purifier companies in Taiwan, one is KEMFLO, and the other is ALYA. KEMFLO developed integrated waterway module by using hot laminate technology injection manifold bracket to buried pipes in, and ALYA developed the injection technique of buried pipes. Each one has its own merits. In addition, ALYA obtained a number of utility model patents in 2008.

Taiwanese patent number:M 336818

Chinese patent number:ZL2007 0181426.7

In Cixi China, we also found that some same trades imitated and produced our patent product which type is ROP-415.

Third, the direct flow type of RO water system development trend.

The direct flow type of RO water system has become more and more popular in China. There are three reasons why it has become so popular.

1. It can reduce the secondary pollution for water-storage tanks. Besides, the water is the freshest when it just comes out. Currently, the water making amount of great majority is between 500 gallons and 800 gallons per day.

2. Consumers are demanding higher quality. Because most families’ kitchen counter is not large, they would not like to take too much space to put a water-storage tank. They would rather spend more money buying a direct flow RO water system.

3. Because China is a vast continent, the difference of water quality is significant in each area. For example, theTDS are up to 524ppm in Shanghai. However, it is only 76ppm in Shenzhen. The difference of water quality is pretty huge. So the direct of RO water dispenser can adjust the wastewater rate of water purifier. Hence, an adjustable flow restrictor is used for big direct flow type of RO system.

If you want to know the information of water quality in each area, please go to this website:

This technology also originated from two companies in Taiwan. One is ALYA, and the other is PURICOM. In addition, because of it ALYA obtained many utility model patents in America, Taiwan and China in 2005.



China:ZL2005 2 0008968.5

This product also enabled us to get an innovation award of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

Fourth, development trend of compound cartridges.

In China, water purifier industry has also been developing the smaller size product.

Take filter cartridge an example, one cartridge could only fill one filter material into it before. But now you can fill two or more different filter materials into a w cartridge.

Fifth, Development trend of installation free water filters.

In China, in order to save the installation cost of water purifier, more and more customers choose to buy the portable water purifier. Some tenants bought it because they were not allowed to drill holes on the wall. If portable water purifier had the function to boil water, it would be more convenient to make tea, coffee and milk. It will be more popular for this design.

It’s worth mentioning that China announced “Minimum allowable value of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for reverse osmosis drinking water system ( GB34914-2017) on October 1st, 2017. It was the first mandatory standard for water purifier industry, and the government officially implemented it on November 1st, 2018. It means they would take this mandatory standard to ask the water purifier industry to save water.

▲The water saving rules are as the following:

1. The recycling rate of reverse osmosis waste water shall not exceed 35%.

2. Water purification equipment should be marked with water-saving effect before on sales.

3. It should be submitted to Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine.

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