How to choose an OEM manufacturer of water purifier?


Each trading company, brand and marketing company may develop a specific SOP for OEM manufacturer choosing.

The following items may be the required criteria to evaluate an OEM manufacturer:
3.Delivery time
6.R&D capacity of new product…, etc。

In case of the equipment damage or leakage of a water purifier caused by a poor-quality part, the seller may suffer payment or lawsuit for customer compensation. Therefore, choosing a high-quality OEM manufacturer of water purifier shall pay attention to the following additional characteristics:

1) Private laboratory with sufficient equipment and excellent quality
Before the trial production, a new product shall complete each test of reliability. Moreover, the following tests of reliability shall be carried out during the mass production or in case of product design change, supplier change, and so on.
1 Cycle test
2 Burst test
3 Accumulation test: to simulate general user behaviors
4 Pressure difference test
5 Alt spray test(metal)
6 Aging test (plastic)
7 Tension test (plastic tube / adapter)
8 Vibration test
9 Drop test
10 Power supply test
10.1 Overload test
10.2 Temperature test
10.3 Electrical leakage test
10.4 Voltage stability test
11 Electronic components testing
11.1 Electromagnetic wave test
11.2 Surge safety test
11.3 EMI / EMC protection and interference tests
11.4 Burn-in test
12 Water quality tests
12.1 Residual chlorine test for active carbon
12.2 Ion exchange resin test (Removal of heavy metal and calcium and magnesium ions (scale))
12.3 Bacterial culture / sterilization test

2) Global product liability insurance
A high-quality product may have some little defect leading customer complaints. The customers’ interests will be guaranteed thanks to the global product liability insurance. However, an OEM manufacturer may not purchase the global product liability insurance because of the meager revenue in general.

Easywell 1,000,000 USD Global Product Liability Insurance Policy

Taiwan Liability Insurance One Hundred and Twenty Millions NT Dollars

3) International certificates for each product
Since the filtered water may be drunk, a water purifier shall be checked for hazardous substance released from the purifier body or media, expiry date and other essential factors in addition to the functions and quality. One of the demonstration methods for these essential factors is an OEM manufacturer is capable to and is willing to apply for each international and national product certificate.
1. International product certificates:NSF, CE, RoHs and sanitary license approval documents.

CE Certification of RO System

CE Certification of Direct Flow RO System

CE Certification of RO System

CE Certification of UV Purifier

Counter Top Water Filter CTE-210

RO System RO-415

Compact RO System ROC-189

2. National product certificates:Water conservation mark, energy saving mark and environmental protection mark.

Easy Clean Tap Water Filter FF-5600 Taiwan Water Coservation

4) The Government’s recognition
An excellent and responsible water purifier manufacturer shall inspect its capacity by applying for the Government’s awards, and attempt to prove its achievement with the Government’s recognitions, such as the Rising Star Award, the National Awards of Excellence, the National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise, the National Quality Award, and so on.

5)Finding responsible suppliers

To sum up the above points, I personally think that when finding and choosing a truly responsible OEM partner the most important thing is; how do you know that your supplier is responsible?

Take a look at the following:
1 Decide whether you need to purchase full global product liability insurance every year.
As I was just saying, different countries have different water pressures which, in addition to improper use of filter bottles, can cause them to rupture at night or when people go out for a long period of time. This can lead to flooding and serious damage or loss of furniture and carpets. An OEM that purchases full global product liability insurance every year is a guarantee for the buyer.

2 Commitment to Quality
An OEM that can clearly show, in an open way to a buyer, their commitment to quality though methods, such as by: publishing information on their official website; posting “quality commitment” posters throughout their factory areas; printing “quality commitment” on their business cards along with other ways and means can allow buyers and the general public to monitor their business while, at the same time remind the OEM to maintain their commitments at all times.

3 Voluntary recall of defective products
The biggest headache for a buyer should not be problems in supply plant quality but should rather be that these problems have gone unnoticed or have been ignored.
A responsible supplier has the responsibility to ensure that, if they either find that quality is abnormal or suspect that there is a problem with the quality of a product, they will take the initiative to recall the defective product with immediate effect, or to ask the customer to have the product modified or replaced locally, with the supplier reimbursing the buyer for the cost. This is the meaning of being truly responsible.

4 Apply for ISO-14001 international environmental management systems certification and continuing to implement the standard
Many suppliers are either trying to save costs in their factories or have no awareness of environmental protection. As a result, many supply factories have not obtained ISO-14001 international environmental management systems certification. How can such a supply factory have an environmentally friendly heart? Obtaining ISO-14001 international environmental management system certification and implementing it on a continuous basis for many years is also part of having a responsible attitude.
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Source: Rodger Lin of easywell water systems, Inc.