News of Household Water Purification in Bahrain

1) Hardware Street in Manama, Bahrain
The sales channels of hardware , Sanitaryware, and water purification equipment in Manama, Bahrain are almost same as what in Taiwan ,the hardware street in Manama is called 「Al Noaim Manama」.
Most stores on the street Al Noaim Manama sell hardware and sanitaryware ,but there is no store selling water purification only. A few stores sell conventional reverse osmosis systems in addition to hardware and sanitaryware, those reverse osmosis systems and water purification systems sold here are imported from Dubai,the brand name is Milano. Checking product quality,we are aware most of them are made in China.

2) Water purification equipment does not need SASO certificate
Bahrain Society does not have so many limits, women have better social standing ,this country is not like Saudi Arabia although Bahrain is a country in Middle East. Water purification equipment can be imported to Bahrain without SASO certificate.However, population in Bahrain is only 1.31 million ,the market is small.

3) English and Arabic
Like the people of Dubai and Singapore, almost everyone speaks English and Arabic in this country. Therefore, business, tourism and investment in Bahrain should be a smooth experience.

4) The Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
What makes the Bahraini Dinar so special is that it has the second highest currency value in the world, while the country with the highest currency value is neighboring Kuwait. The currency conversion for Bahraini Dinar to US Dollar is: 1 Dinar = US$3.60.

5) An Unusual Population Structure
The population of 1.3 million in Bahrain contains 600,000 foreign workers from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, India, etc. Like Saudi Arabia, Bahrainis are rich and 3K jobs are entrusted to foreign workers.

6) News in Bahrain market
There are two major brands of RO systems in Bahrain
1. Alu Hasanin
2. Sabeel
Retail price of RO system including installation fee is about 65BD=US$237, at-home service of cartridge replacement (3 pre-filters) is about 5BD=US$18.25-.

7)Tap water
Tap water is from ground water,TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) is 20,000 ppm which contains much salt.

7-1 Bahrain government grade ground water to be 3 levels (Aqua fair A/B/C)
Aqua fair A:take from 30 meters under the ground ,for irrigation purpose.
Aqua fair B: take from 60 meters under the ground ,for household use.
Aqua fair C: take from 100 meters under the ground ,for industry use.

7-2 H2S in ground water needs to be removed before water is used.

8) Gasoline Strategy
Bahrain’s cheapest gasoline is priced at NT$15/liter, but it is still about three times more expensive than in Saudi Arabia.
8.1 Automotive travel between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is made conveniently possible via a 1.5-hour drive over a cross-sea bridge. In order to prevent Bahrainis from purchasing cheaper gasoline from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian government restricts all Bahraini vehicles from carrying more than half a tank of gasoline upon their return to Bahrain, and no extra gasoline may be purchased.

9) Telecommunications Service Providers (TSP)
Bahrain has a population of about 1.31 million, which is equivalent to the population of Changhua County, yet there are five telecommunications service providers, resulting in fierce competition.

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