The initiative of “water purification market” column


One day the writer saw a quotation from internet which offers US$4000- for a worldwide water marketing analysis report,
this high price of report cause me have a target, that means 「complete each water marketing analysis report while coming back from each one country」, then post these report to ALYA’s website to everyone free of charge if they need.

Until now we have been finishing 15 water marketing analysis reports, and also translate into English and Spanish two languages.

ALYA is a RO water purifier supplier and shower filter manufacturer. Within a few years we have been tested water pressure and collected water from more than 60 countries around the world for water quality analysis, and then publish the result on company official website for free download and reference.

This is the pioneer of ALYA water.

At same time, ALYA set up two free websites for who needs reference or download. These are the other two pioneer from ALYA in water treatment field.

1. Global water trade show website:
2. Taiwan water knowledge data bank: