Turkey Water Treatment Exhibition 2025

.Water treatment and sewage treatment: membrane technology and equipment, filtration equipment, sewage treatment technology and equipment, sludge drying and incineration, heat energy recovery, industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment, reclaimed water reuse technology and equipment, direct drinking water technology and equipment , drinking water treatment equipment, ultrapure water production technology and equipment, water circulation equipment, chemical water treatment technology and equipment, water disinfection and sterilization technology and equipment

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Water Treatment Exhibition in Moscow, Russia2024

1. Water quality: industrial water, municipal water supply, water chemistry, membrane removal
2. Sewage treatment and purification: sludge treatment technology, water treatment and water purification waste, when processing facilities
3. Water supply and sanitation infrastructure: pipes, interception and control valves, wells, fans
4. Digitalization and automation products: integrated automation and dispatching solutions for water supply and wastewater, treatment, import substitution TIM for the industry

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Water Treatment Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa2024

New and renewable energy: solar brackets, solar modules, solar air conditioners, solar water heaters, solar systems, solar inverters, solar lighting systems, solar batteries, power and wind power devices and other energy consumption monitoring and services, etc.

Power station equipment and products: transformers, power installations, high-voltage switches, transmission equipment, distribution networks, power capacitors, high-voltage switchgear, electrical engineering, power supplies and accessories, current transformers, wires and cables, insulating materials, measuring equipment, etc.

Power generation equipment: hydroelectric power generation equipment, clean renewable energy, nuclear reactors, various power generation equipment, steam turbines and other energy power generation systems

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2018 China-ASEAN International Water Treatment Technology Equipment Exhibition – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

★ Energy Saving Exhibition Area:
☆ Industrial energy saving: energy saving technology and equipment for industrial boiler kiln, high-efficiency energy-saving motor system, high and low voltage power saving system transformer, motor, ventilator, water pump, air compressor and frequency conversion speed control technology and equipment, waste heat and pressure utilization, residual energy Power generation technology and equipment, high-efficiency energy storage, energy-saving monitoring and energy metering technology and equipment, energy-efficient appliances, lighting products and systems, transportation energy-saving technologies and products, high-energy-consuming industry system optimization technology solutions, energy management and services, mining and Energy-saving technologies and equipment for the power industry, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, biogas, heat pump utilization technology and equipment, industrial water recycling technology and other energy-saving new technologies, new products and new equipment.
☆ Building energy conservation: display of energy-saving operation, supervision and energy-saving service market for large-scale public buildings; building energy-saving central air-conditioning refrigeration and heating equipment; air energy, ground source, water source heat pump refrigeration heating equipment; energy-saving lighting system transformation; green energy-saving building, Architectural electromechanical energy-saving, building intelligent control system integrated design and solutions; building solar energy application technology, building small distributed energy generation system and wind energy related products;
☆ Civil energy saving: energy-saving electrical appliances, energy-saving lighting, water-saving sanitary ware, energy-saving kitchen utensils, automobile fuel economy, air purification, kitchen garbage disposal, fruit and vegetable machines and other related household energy-saving products;
★ Environmental Protection Zone:
☆ Water pollution control: domestic sewage treatment, membrane treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, sludge treatment and disposal, heavy metal removal, non-point source pollution treatment, materials and pharmaceuticals;
☆ Air pollution control: dust removal, flue gas desulfurization, flue gas denitrification, motor vehicle exhaust gas purification, industrial hazardous gas purification (VOCs), materials and pharmaceuticals;
☆ Comprehensive utilization of resources: resource utilization of mineral resources, solid waste, renewable resources (remanufacturing of electromechanical products, scrap metal resources, electrical and electronic products, scrapped automobiles, waste rubber, waste plastics), kitchen waste, agricultural and forestry waste, water, etc. ;
☆ Solid waste treatment and disposal: domestic garbage, hazardous waste, medical waste treatment and disposal, general industrial waste treatment and disposal, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, agricultural waste treatment and disposal, materials and pharmaceuticals;
☆ Soil pollution control and restoration, water ecological restoration and ecological protection, pollutant environmental monitoring: noise and vibration control
★ Water treatment exhibition area:
☆ Water treatment technology equipment: chemical physical water treatment, biochemical water treatment, sludge and residue treatment, desalination equipment, chemicals and materials, filtration / separation technology, industrial wastewater / domestic sewage treatment, industrial circulating cooling water treatment, boiler feed water treatment , water plant equipment, dosing and disinfection equipment; black odor water body control and river area management;
☆ Membrane and seawater desalination: membrane and membrane modules, membrane and membrane module manufacturing technology and equipment, membrane raw materials and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation equipment complete sets, membrane separation related technologies, materials, test equipment;
☆ Rainwater collection and utilization/flood control: rainwater storage tanks and accessories, rainwater overflow tanks, rainwater storage tanks, rainwater sedimentation tanks, rainwater storage tank cleaning systems, irrigation and drainage machinery and equipment, disaster prevention and relief equipment;
☆ Fluid automation and automatic control: water pump, water meter, valve, pipeline and accessories and tools, pipe network maintenance technology and equipment, municipal water supply and drainage system and equipment, inspection and monitoring technology and equipment, instrumentation and automation control;
☆ Water treatment chemicals: municipal sewage treatment chemicals, sterilization chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, etc.;
☆ Water purification: water purification system, direct drinking water system, terminal water purification, household drinking water filtration equipment;

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