Water New Zealand Conferences 2024

Water New Zealand promotes the sustainable management and development of the water environment. This includes the promotion and support of best practice and management of the Three Waters – drinking, waste and stormwater – and we advocate for the sustainability and health of our freshwater environment.

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New Zealand Pool & Spa Exhibition 2024

SPA categories: Spa equipment, massage SPA pools, massage bathtubs, massage systems, mineral hot spring SPA, SPA massage machines, etc.; SPA planning, design, engineering, etc.; SPA training; SPA brand franchise, hosting, etc.; SPA supplies, SPA Consumables; medical SPA, beauty care, beauty and body care; spa engineering, etc.

Sauna and bathing categories: bathing equipment, sauna equipment, bathroom equipment, massage equipment, entertainment equipment, foot massage products, bath products, bath clothing, bath health care products, bath supplies, consumables, etc.

Hot water and water treatment: water heating systems, heat pumps, solar, electric heating, gas hot water equipment; boiler equipment; thermostats; home floor heating systems; water treatment chemicals, water disinfection, circulating filtration, maintenance and cleaning, energy and water saving series, etc.

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