Beijing International Air Purification, Water Purifictaion Equipment & Ventilation System Exhibition

Empty and fresh air exhibition area:
Purification products: air purifiers, indoor pollution control products, household lampblack purifiers, car air purifiers, air sterilizers, photocatalysts, scavengers, antibacterial products, etc.
Indoor fresh air: Central fresh air system, fresh air ventilation equipment, air handling equipment, circulating water system equipment, fans, air ducts, air curtains, heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, ventilation and form technologies, air conditioning cleaning inspection and maintenance equipment, etc.;
Environmental Control: Purifying air conditioners, central vacuum cleaners, ventilation equipment, dehumidifiers/humidifiers, exhaust fans, air curtains, monitoring systems, etc.;
Related facilities: static electricity/active carbon, HEAP high-efficiency filter, control system, motor, fan, negative ion generator;
Detection equipment: PM2.5, formaldehyde, temperature and humidity, sampler, particle counter, benzene, TVOC, dust and other detectors;
Clean technology: clean air conditioning, refrigeration and air conditioning units, clean room purification, clean room supplies, air conditioning cleaning technology equipment, etc.;
Scientific research achievements: Testing and certification bodies, key laboratories, research institutes, governance units, new products, and transformation of new achievements;
Water Purification Zone:
Drinking water equipment: drinking fountains, drinking fountains, soft water dispensers, running water dispensers, piped drinking fountains, automatic water dispensers, etc.;
Water purification equipment: Central water purification system, water purifier/device, RO household/commercial water purifier, nanofiltration/ultrafiltration machine, etc.;
Water purification equipment: activated carbon, PPF, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, RO membrane, resin water softener, etc.;
Terminal water purification: domestic/commercial pure water machine, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, filtration equipment, pure water, distilled water, high purity water and other water-making technologies and equipment, bottled water filling systems and equipment;

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