Water Treatment Exhibition in Moscow, Russia2024

1. Water quality: industrial water, municipal water supply, water chemistry, membrane removal
2. Sewage treatment and purification: sludge treatment technology, water treatment and water purification waste, when processing facilities
3. Water supply and sanitation infrastructure: pipes, interception and control valves, wells, fans
4. Digitalization and automation products: integrated automation and dispatching solutions for water supply and wastewater, treatment, import substitution TIM for the industry

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aqua THERM MOSCOW 2019 – Moscow, Russia

Heating, Automatic Control, Power Generation System, Heat Meter, Valves and Fittings, Heating Technology, Boiler and Heating Network Automation Control, Inspection Instrumentation

[COOLING ](This category meets the needs of a large market and is strongly promoted for this year’s conference. Enjoy special deals!)
Air conditioning systems, ventilation equipment, air filters, fans, dehumidifiers, compressors, refrigeration, refrigeration equipment and related components and tools

Plumbing systems, plumbing, water treatment equipment, water filtration systems, pumps, valves, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion materials, pressure regulating equipment and instrumentation, sanitary hardware accessories, jacuzzis, pool and SPA equipment and accessories, public And private pool, sauna and spa equipment

Optoelectronics, solar energy, thermoelectricity, bioenergy, symbiotic energy, insulation, energy savings, alternative energy

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