Heating Systems and Equipment (Interior Heaters and Water Heaters, Floor Heating Systems and Equipment, Induction Heating and Radiant Heating Systems, Hot Water Boilers and Oil Boilers, Other Boilers and Boiler Components, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Heating Automation Components, Hot Air Apparatus)

Air Conditioning Ventilation Systems and Equipment (Air Conditioner Units, Fans and Fan Coils, Condensers, AC Condensing Pumpsand Heat Pumps, Ventilators, Aspirators, Air Dampersand Recuperators, Air Ducts, Air Filters, Air Curtains, and Air Washers, Air Cleaning Devices, Extractor Hoods, Clean Rooms, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers and Dryers, AC Automation Components)

Refrigeration Systems and Components (Chillers, Cooling Towers and Condensers, Refrigerant Gases and Refrigeration Oils, Closed Circuit Liquid Refrigeration System, Freezers, Ice Makers and Ice-Cream Machines, Cold Rooms, Cold Room Parts and Sandwich Panels, Refrigeration Compressors and Heat Exchangers, Evaporative Coolers and Evaporative Condensers, Mobile Refrigerators, Thermostats, Vibration Absorber)

Building Installation Systems and Components (Radiators, Towel Warmers, Boilers and Burners, Valves, Faucets, Filters, Pumps, Booster Pumps, Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation Materials, Waterproof Membrane, Sealants and Drainage Appliances, Water Purification, Treatment Systems and Equipment, Descaling Materials, Measurement Devices & Indicators, Fire Protection and Suppression Systems)

Pipes and Fittings (PE Pipes, PVC Pipes and PP Pipes, Steel Pipes, Copper Pipes, Brass Pipes, Coated Pipes, Multi Pipes, Ductile Pipes, Thermoplastic Hose and Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Bathroom Fittings, Gas Fittings and Fittings For Liquefied Gas, Fittings for Water Heating Equipment, Etc.)

Electronic Systems and Building Automation Components (Facility Management Systems, Energy Management Systems, Building Automation Systems and Climate Control, Alarm Systems and Web-Based Monitoring Systems, Networked Systems for Lighting, Security, Elevators Components and Equipment, Light Switches and Electrical Outlets and Electric Boosters, Switchboards, Distribution Panels, Electric Counters)

Service Groups and Companies (Mechanical, Installation Design & Application, Building Installation Maintenance and Services, R&D And Consulting Services, Chambers, Associations and Foundations, Press, Publishing Houses and Websites, Universities and Research Organizations, Finance Companies and Organizations, Etc.)

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Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition

1. Water intake: drilling equipment, spring water collection equipment, water well equipment, filtration pipe fittings and equipment, water well lifting equipment, water cleaning equipment, membrane technology and equipment;
2. Water and water treatment: chemical treatment, chemical water purification equipment, water treatment chemical technology, physical water treatment equipment and technology, water circulation equipment and factories, activated carbon water treatment equipment and technology, drinking water treatment equipment, water tank, UV system , sewage treatment, sewage purification systems, filtration equipment, etc.;
3, fluid machinery and wastewater discharge, pipelines: pressure pipes and drainage pipe fittings, pipe fittings, flanges, anti-corrosion materials, pipe sealing materials, pipe cleaning equipment, pipeline leak-proof equipment and technology, pumps, valves, etc., rainwater collection equipment, Compressor, compactor, safety equipment;
4, water detection, monitoring and analysis processing system: testing equipment, water automation, automatic monitoring equipment, water component testing equipment, water quality monitoring, recording system, (home, industrial) water meter, water temperature measurement and control, water flow control, laboratory Equipment, central control system, PH measurement, etc.;
5. Water pollution control and water and soil protection: water pollution recovery, water pollution prevention;
6. Hydraulic engineering machinery: construction of water conservancy projects, installation of hydraulic pipelines, welding machinery, high-pressure water purification equipment;
7. Geothermal energy technology: hot springs, geothermal well construction, geothermal pumps, geothermal pipe fittings, etc.;
8. Swimming pool equipment;
9. Flood control: flood warning, flood control wall, life-saving equipment, etc.

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