SBW·The 11th China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo

High-end packaging drinking water:
Natural mineral water, glacier water, natural soda water, natural weak alkaline water, deep ocean water, natural mountain spring water, snow melt water, natural small molecule water, mother and baby water, tea water, low water, oxygen therapy , aerobic water, hydrogen-rich water, plant water, medical mineral water, etc.

Hydrogen-rich drinking water industry category:
Hydrogen-rich drinking water, hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water porcelain, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen-rich water bottle, hydrogen water rod, hydrogen absorption machine, hydrogen-rich water production equipment, packaging materials, testing mechanism, hydrogen concentration monitor, etc. product.

Functional drinking water equipment category:
Electrolyte water machine, high energy activated water machine, soda water machine, calcium ion water machine, oxygen water machine, alkaline water machine, nano electrolysis water machine, nano energy water cup, multi-function water cup, health water cup, magnetized water bottle, etc. .

High-end drinking water service categories:
Packing machinery, packaging containers, packaging design, scientific research institutions, investment units for high-quality water source projects, and high-end mineral water customization and other service providers.

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2018 Asia-pacific Drinking Water & Purification Fair

►Water purification equipment: central water purification system, water purifier/houser, household/commercial water purifier, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration machine, small molecule water purifier, ozone complete equipment, mineralization equipment and mineralization liquid, building Separate water supply equipment, large and medium-sized pure water treatment equipment, large and medium-sized mineral water equipment, etc.;

►Water drinking equipment: water dispenser, water purifier, straight drink machine, water softener, water machine, water ionizer, pipeline water dispenser, automatic water dispenser, water heater, raw water dispenser, ion water machine, spectrum water machine, Drinking water, pure water, functional water, etc.;
► Hot water system: central hot water system, solar water heater, electric water heater, gas water heater, heat pump water heater, etc.;
►Water purification materials: activated carbon, quartz sand, PPF, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, RO membrane, resin water softener, EDI, ceramic filter, fine filter membrane, sand tray coarse nanofiltration, various membrane shells, pipes, etc.;
►Bactericidal equipment: ozone generator, mixing tower, ultraviolet lamp sterilization, disinfection reagent, etc.

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