11th Aquatherm Almaty

Automated control systems
Accessories and valves
Water purification, water delivery and water treatment
Gas-fired burners and boilers
Control-measuring instruments
Pumping equipment
Sanitary ware equipment
Furniture and accessories for bathrooms
Water supply and sewage technologies
Heating systems
Pipes and pipelines
Fittings and valves
Air ducts
Air distributors
Air cleaning
Components and equipment
Compressors and pumps
Air conditioning
Air humidification and moisture distributors
Cold supply
Baths, saunas, pools
Whirlpool and massage baths
Controlled volume pumps
Materials for construction and finishing of pools
Equipment for aqua parks, saunas and SPAs
Water purifiers
Chemical components for pools
Bio fuel, biogas
Combined heating
Water-saving systems
Heating systems using pellet boilers and fireplaces
Solar heating
Solar cooling
Heat pumps
Energy efficiency

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