Netherlands - the report of Aquatech’s water treatment exhibition in Amsterdam.

In 1992, ALYA was told by our British friend Mr. David Walker that Netherlands had a water treatment exhibition which was the largest one in the world. Because of the enthusiastic invitation of our friend, Mr. David Walker, ALYA’s general manager and deputy general manager bought round-trip tickets from Taipei to Amsterdam. And under the guidance of David, they visited the exposition which has a history of ages.

The appearance of the exhibition center before it was expanded.

In the following year, ALYA attended “AQUATECH RAI AMSTERDAM”.[1] In the whole fair, only our booth is Chinese enterprise, and the other exhibitors and visitors are all foreigners. With the advantage of price and new entrant, we had a great harvest in Amsterdam for first time joining this exposition.
[1] AQUATECH RAI AMSTERDAM:AQUATECH hosts the fair every two years in RAI Amsterdam. It is currently the largest water treatment exhibition in Europe.

The entrance of the exhibition.

Netherlands is not only famous for tulips and cheese, but also has a multinational exhibition company who is good at holding fairs. Either in Europe or the United States, it and American Water Quality Association[2] are the most authoritative individually. Both of them are focused on holding water treatment exhibitions. But in recent years, we can clearly see the differences between them. For example, Aquatech is constantly developing around the world. On one hand, it has major breakthroughs in China, and on the other hand, it is also expanding its market in Mexico. Though there are currently seven pavilions in Aquatech’s water treatment exhibition in Amsterdam, and two of them were added in recent years, compare it to the Shanghai aquatech which is holding by itself in China, that’s just a little bit smaller.
[2] Water Quality Association:It was established in 1974. The annual exposition is only held in each American state. They also have product certifications service, and claimed that their test equipment can be compared with NSF. It also issues “goal seal” certifications for certified products.

Two buildings on the left.

The new building on the right of the exhibition center.

Before this, Aquatech also had been baffled experience of holding exhibitions. Take Bangkok, Thailand for example, Aquatech held several water treatment expositions there in a few years ago, but finally ended in failure.

The place where they hold Aquatech is called Amsterdam Rai3. It’s an international exhibition center.[3] The number of exhibitors increased substantially. This may be thanks to the flourishing of water treatment fair, and many of them are from China. In the last four or five years, there are several new buildings and multi-level parking areas were added to the empty lot near the exhibition center. “Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.” This proverb can be used to describe this place. It even made the surrounding shopping district has added a lot of new shops in just a few years. It was difficult to find a place to eat before, but now it’s not as desolate as it used to be.

[3] Amsterdam Rai:It was founded in 1893, and it’s the largest exhibition center in Netherlands.

The shops near the exhibition.

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Source:Rodger Lin from easywell water system, Inc