Malaysia - Market research report of water purifier

A. Tap water quality is poor?
We often heard our customers who operate water purifiers in business Malaysia said the water quality is poor there. But what’s the problem? According to the data of Taiwanese water purifier knowledge

In Taipei City, the total dissolved solids (TDS) of tap water are 60 ppm, while Kuala Lumpur is lower than it. The turbidity of tap water in Taipei City is 141 NTU and it is 0.71 NTU in Kuala Lumpur.

As a matter of fact, the water quality in Kuala Lumpur is much better than that in Taipei City, so water purifiers shouldn’t become a necessary. However, Malaysia was ALYA’s main export country. There are some reasons why it becomes such a competitive market of water purifier!

B. Direct selling and multi-level marketing are flourishing.
In Malaysia, there are about 800 direct selling and multi-level marketing companies which have been registered. In fact, there are about 400 companies that actually operate. Malaysia’s population is about 28 millions, and it’s similar to Taiwan. But it has too many multi-level marketing companies, and most of them are selling water purifiers. We call therefore Malaysia’s market for water purifiers flourishing is because of human factors.

C. Rental is all the rage in the market.
In recent years, South Korea’s Coway and Coco has entered Malaysia’s market and has swept away the market by renting water dispensers and water purifiers. It makes this rival market became even more competitive.

D. The best selling model.
The British Doulton company entered this market very early. It sells ceramic filters, and we call them “Candle-type ceramic filters”, because it looks like candles. Their function is to remove impurities in water. Because ceramics are made into tiny pores, they can intercept small substances. However, tiny pores are easily set blocked, after using by few days, customers need to remove the impurities from the surface with rough sandpaper. It wastes time and energy. Nevertheless, Malaysia’s consumers gladly accept this. It may have something to do with the industrious habit of Malaysian.

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Source:Rodger Lin from easywell water system, Inc.